Inspired by the grandeur of the parks she loves to paint, member artist Karin Leonard decided she wanted to help the parks by donating part of the sale of her work to the parks. But what about encouraging other artists to do the same? And so Paint the Parks was born.

The intention of Paint the Parks is to spark a fire in the heart of artists,  art lovers and nature enthusiasts all over the world to preserve, cherish and protect our precious park lands everywhere.

Paint the Parks wants to raise awareness, artwork and funds for as many protected lands as possible:

  • Build a network of artists around the globe, inspired to paint and protect the parks
  • Inspire art collectors and people from all walks of life to collect park art
  • Raise funds for nature reserves worldwide
  • Provide valuable information to artists, collectors and nature lovers

A portion of the sale of all the paintings displayed on the site will be donated to the park preservation organization of the artist choosing.

  • Artists contribution: Participating artists will donate at least 10% from the sale of each art work to the respective park.
  • Please visit our website: