I am a painter of the natural world. My paintings often begin plein air, where I capture the fleeting light and the time of day. In the open air, I am influenced by the temperature of the air, the smell of the trees, the sounds of the creek and creatures, and all the colors that are visible to the eye. All my senses are involved in making a painting. Once I have a small study, I may expand it into a larger painting in my studio, working from the study and photos taken at the time. A large painting becomes a journey in which I focus on the process, as each form is developed.

What most excites me about painting is mixing colors and combining them to create a dynamic and harmonious picture. Painting from life allows my eyes to see the brilliance of nature, as I imitate it on my canvas. My subjects are the blues of the ocean, the golds of the summer fields, and the seasonal colors that appear in the fruits and flowers of the land, as the year moves through its seasons.

I wish to enhance the viewer’s awareness of the beauty that abounds in the world around us. I evoke Nature as a healing, calming force in a world that is often unpredictable. Contact me to schedule a studio visit:
hausmanmichele at gmail.com